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Your location, your health.

Healthy lifestyle and our environment have a greater than 50% impact on our health versus medical care and genetics.

Where we live and work determines our health and well-being. GeoHealth provides key information on environmental factors and diseases related to chemical exposure in our communities.

Knowing what physical, chemical and biological factors we’re exposed to may allow us to respond to a range of diseases including asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cancer, metal poisoning, skin disease and reproductive issues.

Learning about the relationship between chemicals and environment provides patients and their providers valuable information for the identification and prevention of disease.

The Numbers

  • More than 400 chemicals are released into air and water in our communities annually, impacting millions suffering from chronic conditions
  • 87% of the total health care expenditure in the United States is for the management of chronic disease
  • Greater than 75% of all visits to physicians involve treatment for chronic illness

What Drives Your Health


The greatest impacts on our healthcare are determined by lifestyle, including smoking cessation, healthier food choices, portion size, regular exercise, and stress reduction.


Location matters. Pollution from factories, farms, and other facilities can impact your health. When we can visualize and understand our environmental exposure and disease, we can create more effective treatments.


Genotyping or whole-genome sequencing hold the promise to visualize data and highlight genetic variations. Providers still face challenges on combining genetic information with clinical knowledge to reliably predict what genomic insights.

Our Products

GeoHealthUS is a data company that collects and aligns data on air quality, chemical exposures and health impacts. We license data directly to customers and via business partnerships.

Using our custom designed GeoHealthBoxes™, we're collecting comprehensive data on air quality including particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, dangerous gases, temperature, humidity, rain, methane (CH4) and carbon monoxide (CO). We are adding to GeoHealthUS' geographic coverage continuously. GeoHealth US Corp has also aligned historic environmental events data in our feed.

We’re experts in data interoperability. Let us help you combine GeoHealthUS data with other valuable data sets so you can see the big picture.

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Our Sources of Data

GeoHealth draws upon a deep understanding of linking authoritative datasets from many data sources, including:

US National Library of Medicine

US Environmental Protection Agency

US Department of Health & Human Services

Environmental Exposure - Disease Ontology

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