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Ms Bernadette Hyland

Co-Founder & CEO

Ms. Hyland is a Web technology serial entrepreneur. Bernadette is a leader in the practical use of the 'Web of Data', used by policy-makers, healthcare & environmental experts worldwide. She was co-founder & CEO of a graph database company acquired by a Fortune 100 firm. She is an active STEM mentor at a local MakerSpace in Virginia.

Dr David Wood

Co-Founder & CTO

Dr. Wood is a multi-disciplinary engineer who leads the GeoHealth product architecture and development team. David has worked to pioneer Linked Data frameworks since the late 1990's. David co-chaired the W3C RDF Working Group, and authored the popular developers guide, Linked Data: Structured Data on the Web.

Dr Sivaram Arabandi

Medical Ontologist

Dr. Arabandi was trained as a General Surgeon and holds a Masters degree in Computer Science. Sivaram is expert in clinical terminology standards, data interoperability & emerging healthcare technologies. He served as Director for Smart Content Strategy at Elsevier. Sivaram actively mentors medtech startups in Houston.

Dr Ayesha Khalid

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Khalid is a Board Certified ENT surgeon with over 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Ayesha is an MIT Sloan Fellow having recently completed her MBA at Sloan School of Management. She is a healthcare innovator, systems thinker, advocate for girls in STEM. See her TedX talk titled "Why We Can't Fix Our Healthcare System".

Mr James Leigh

Sr Software Engineer

Mr. Leigh has over a decade of experience with Linked Data technologies and distributed data on the Web. James leads development of the Callimachus Project, an Open Source Software platform used by healthcare and life science projects worldwide.

Mr Pete Edwards

Sr Application Developer

Mr. Edwards leads rapid application delivery using the Callimachus Project. Pete was a Principal Software Engineer and technical leader at AstraZeneca where he developed many applications for pharmaceutical research.

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